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  • We are happy to share this recent news story written by Kristen Wall and published by the Queen Central.

    In January of 2018, Vella’s Market and Home Center changed ownership. Where the name Vella’s once stood on each building has since been changed to Buckingham.

    Brothers Todd and Tim Buckingham, of Croghan, NY, have purchased both the hardware and grocery stores located in Constantia from the Vella Family. Although the brothers are new to the area, the retail business is not new to them. Todd has been in the hardware business for 20 years, owning a couple hardware stores further North, while Tim is a former vice president of marketing and distribution at Revlon. Despite the fact that grocery is not on their current resumes, the new owners are quickly learning the ins and outs of the grocery business.

    The staff that came with the purchase of the stores is one of the main factors that convinced the duo to go through with the deal. They are extremely gracious to the staff that has come along on this journey with them while they get to know their new stores and the area more intimately.

  • Tim and Todd have built a friendship throughout the years with Joe and Lance Vella. The Vella’s continue to advise and assist the Buckingham brothers through their first few months of ownership. Although they have sold the market in Constantia, the Vellas still own and operate the Northshore Market in Cleveland. The kindness and history that the Vella’s emulate is one of the main reasons that Tim and Todd were sold on the two stores in Constantia.

    Joe and Lance are the third generation of the Vella family to own and operate the grocery stores on the Northshore. Originally, the cousins grandparents opened their first store in 1949. The original location was directly across the street from where the Northshore Market currently resides. By the 70’s the Vellas had decided to open another store in Constantia, quickly expanding with a hardware section. Joe and Lance began very low on the food chain within the stores, having to advance like any other employee. Now, Lance and Joe serve as the president and vice president, respectively, of the company.

    As far as their thoughts on the selling of the Constantia store, Joe and Lance are in agreement that they saw an opportunity for both the company and the community. The duo is extremely happy that they are able to keep both a hardware store and market locally. When asked what they would like the community to know through this transition, Joe responded with “The Vella’s are so thankful to the community, past and present employees, we’ve always considered them to be family.” The cousins currently have no plans to sell the Northshore Market and thank the community for the support they have shown both the Vella family and the Buckingham brothers during this changeover.

    Tim and Todd reflect extremely similar ideas of the Vella family when it comes to their new business. The Buckingham brothers are excited to meet and interact with the community, especially getting to know their regular shopper. Tim also wanted to ensure all the markets shoppers that they will continue to sell the same quality meat that Vella’s has become known for, since this is the main question customers pose when they learn of the new owners.

    Buckingham Market is located right off of Route 49 in Constantia. On May 5th, the market and hardware store will be participating in Springfest. Be sure to stop buy for popcorn, Hoffman hot dogs, Saranac tastings, and various other events. It is also a great opportunity to meet the friendly new faces of Buckingham Market.

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