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Quite simply, our 20/20 CAD program is the best kitchen and bathroom design tool on the market today. This program features technical advantages that streamline the pricing and ordering process and make the design “come alive” for you.

Ordering cabinets can be a complex process. Not so with 20/20. Most cabinet manufacturers’ catalogs are built right into the 20/20 program. This enables us to price complete kitchens - both stock and custom cabinetry - with the click of a button.

This makes designing, pricing and ordering much more accurate, convenient and fast. In addition, every manufacturer has a different abbreviation used for labeling cabinets. This is called 'nomenclature'. Manufacturers require the specific nomenclature for each cabinet to place an order. With 20/20, we are able to print out the exact nomenclature and know which cabinets are available. This cuts down on both mistakes and waiting time.

20/20 also makes remodeling come alive by allowing us to create a three-dimensional color image of what your new space will look like. With 20/20, it's fast and easy for us to produce an amazing graphic enhancement of the finished project. We can produce detailed floor plans, elevations, renderings and 3-D color images to assist in your decision-making process. For example, if you would like to open your kitchen into an adjacent space, you will be able to visualize the renovation well before demolition actually begins.

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